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Colour Express is the solution for busy, on-the-go women who need to refresh their Regrowth Touch-up in between full salon services.



STEP - 1

Book online or call 9386 8661 to book in at our Colour Express Accredited Salon.

STEP - 2

Your regrowth applied by an expert colourist who will fit you with a reusable headband for discreet processing.

You're right to go!

STEP - 3

Receive SMS when processing is complete.

Quiki customer will wash her hair in the privacy of her own home.

Colour Express in Action

Explainer video

Regrowth Touch-Up is best in the HANDS of a PROFESSIONAL

Women today are busier than ever in a balancing act managing their career, family, social life, and more.

We are often left feeling over-tired and stressed leaving little time for self-grooming essentials like upkeep with our regrowth touch-up and while time in a salon can sometimes be a nice reprieve, it can also create added pressure when there are other commitments to meet.

The time required in a hair salon for a regrowth touch-up is forcing women to extend the time between visits, use a FAKE COVER-UP SPRAY, (pray you don't get caught in the rain), or opt for a do-it-yourself BOX DYE that’s messy, unprofessional, and time-consuming.

But now there's a SOLUTION!


Colour Express Services

  • Quiki

    When all you have time for is a Quiki. Your regrowth colour application is complete in 15 minutes and off you go in a discreet

    headband. Receive an alert to wash your hair at home.


  • Dash Back

    Short on time but love the luxury of a hair wash? Your regrowth colour application is complete in 15 minutes and you're free to run errands for the next 40 minutes. Dash Back to the salon for a shampoo, condition & leave-in treatment.


  • Happy Ending

    Enjoy some time-out in the salon and stay for the complete service: Regrowth colour application, shampoo, condition, leave-in treatment and a style blowdry.


COLOUR EXPRESS is Uniquely Suited to our Busy Lives

Sometimes life gets so busy we struggle to sit in a salon for too long so we reach for the Box Dye. ​


Applied by Colour Express Professionals

Clean - Consistent - Customised

No Mess - No Stress - No Risk


Colour Express is the best invention! The colour goes on super quick in the salon and you’re off. 

It’s so time-saving and allows you to get home and catch up on the things you need to do. 

I love it.


I have a job, three kids and limited time. Saks Salons provide a wonderful service where I can get my regrowth colour applied by a professional in 15 minutes and then go home to wash my own hair. I love this service and really commend Ebru and her team for the way they look after their clients so thoughtfully.

I can literally be in and out of the salon within 15 mins. My regrowth needs touching up every 3 weeks which would normally equate to 1 to 2 hours in a salon each visit. What a brilliant, much-needed service for women who don’t always have time to fuss.




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Hi, I'm Ebru Sak -

In 2009 I created Saks Salons with the intention of using the skills I'd gained in the beauty industry, over twenty-five years and a number of continents, to help women look their best but more importantly feel better when they walked out the door.

Fast & Fabulous was developed as a solution to the morning rush, allowing you to step out with minimum effort and maximum impact.


Rich in essential nutrients and anti-ageing actives, while gentle enough for use on sensitive skin, Fast & Fabulous will leave you feeling fresh & looking radiant without the fuss.

* Re-use your headband at your next Express Service and pay ONLY $48

** Price will vary for length of hair

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